More and more, women are becoming new moms over the age of 35. Maybe you put college and/or career first. Maybe you married late. Maybe you struggled with infertility. Maybe you had babies earlier in life and are restarting.  Heck, maybe you just hit the snooze button on your biological clock a few times.  No matter the reason, the experience for “old new moms” is a different one. There are undoubtedly a lot of advantages to having children when you are older and wiser, but there are also challenges…bouncing back from pregnancy, the struggle to connect with mom friends, and the decision to conceive again amid diminishing opportunities, among other things.

If you joined the mommy game in the 4th quarter, this blog is for you.




Old New Mom, Suzy Lofton-Bullis

Suzy serves as a public school district administrator in Texas. She graduated with a doctorate in educational leadership from the University of Texas at Austin in 2013. She met her husband, Paul, in 2014 and they married in 2016. Their family started with Paul’s son, Brent, and their dogs, Bevo and Tallulah. Suzy became an old new mom in 2018 with the birth of their son, Jackson. She became an old new mom again in 2021 with the birth of their son, Rhett.  Email her at suzy@oldnewmom.com.