Baby’s First Walking Shoes – Including Those For Chubby Baby Feet!

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Aren’t tiny baby shoes just the cutest?

When our son was an infant, I would put these teeny tiny little tennis shoes on his chubby baby feet and “oooh” and “aaaah” at the cuteness.  They were adorable, but utterly pointless.

As he started standing and toddling around, though, it turned out that shoes actually began to serve a purpose. When he was in the very early stages of walking, his amazing daycare teacher suggested that he might need some little shoes to protect his feet (especially since he wanted to walk outside).

No problem.  Challenge accepted.  Finding well-made, reasonably priced first walking shoes for chubby baby feet doesn’t sound like it should be hard, right?


I have to tell you, I went through multiple pairs (and many returns…and a lot of frustration) to find walking shoes for our little man.  So, if you just got a call from daycare asking you to send shoes for your little one or you just know it’s time, here is some well-researched help!

Note for First Time Moms: Regardless of which pair you choose, it’s pretty hilarious the first time your little one walks in shoes. I highly recommend making sure you catch it on video!

First Walking Shoes for Most Baby Feet (EXCEPT Extra Chubby Ones!)

These soft-soled moccasins were purchased for our son, but ultimately gifted to a baby without Fred Flintstone feet. They were such a hit that I often gift them to other new parents.  There are over 40 styles and colors!  Be sure to measure you baby’s foot to get the sizing right.


First Walking Shoes for Chubby Baby Feet

If your baby has very wide (side-to-side) or very thick (top-to-bottom) feet, or BOTH, these are great first shoe options to provide some extra support and grip for those first steps.  And, like the option above, be sure to measure you baby’s foot for sizing – do not go by the age range.  Note: The Delebao Baby shoes are pictured above.

Slightly More Durable Walking Shoes for Chubby Baby Feet

Our son quickly advanced to the stage where he needed a more substantial shoe made for a more accomplished walker. However, the big, thick soles of most shoes his size were WAY too bulky and heavy. These Ro + Me shoes were slightly more expensive, but totally worth the investment. They also held up really well on the playground!

I have to add that I love the white/gray option for my son because his shoes match his outfit no matter what…huge bonus for busy moms!

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