Goodbye Extensions, Hello Magnetic Lashes!

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I have always been obsessed with having long, beautiful lashes.  While my own lashes are quite long, my super oily skin has always been a problem when it came to eye makeup (which usually ended up smudged all over my face).  Tired of being let down by my bathroom drawer full of mascara, one day in 2011, I decided to treat myself to a set of lash extensions…which turned into a 7 year love affair.   

Towards the end of my pregnancy, however, I knew I would have to end my relationship with eyelash extensions. There was no way I’d be able to carve out 3 hours to drive to Austin every other week with a newborn.  I’d have to find some other way to have pretty lashes.  My final lash session was held just three days before my scheduled c-section (I kept it going as long as I could!).

As you might imagine, in addition to all of the other postpartum ugliness that a new mom feels, losing my beautiful lashes on top of that was a little traumatic.  So, I did what any rational person would do…I started spending tons of money on lash serums, strip lashes, and every smudge-proof fiber mascara on the market. And, of course, when magnetic lashes hit the market, I was ALL over that.

I tried the first wave of magnetic lashes that sandwiched your real lashes – meh, not for me.  When the magnetic eyeliner version came out and everyone promised that they were the next big thing, I became obsessed.  First, I wanted to make sure they were safe (and my research satisfied me that they are).  Then, I poured over reviews, pictures, and articles before deciding which lashes to try.

So, maybe you broke up with your lash extensions because of a new baby…or because of the global pandemic.  Or maybe you’ve never had lash extensions and you’re just curious about this new trend.  Regardless of why you’re here, hopefully this review of my magnetic lash experience will help!

Magnetic Lash Kit for Beginners – HSBCC Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit

After reading all the up-to-date articles and hundreds of reviews, I decided the best choice to begin with was the HSBCC Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit because the eyeliner was touted as completely smudge-proof and the reviews were very good.  The first kit I ordered contained a tube of magnetic eyeliner, a pair of eyelash tweezers, and three different types of lashes – a natural set (011), a glam set (012), and a flirty set (018).

Thankfully, I’m a pro at wearing liquid eyeliner, so within 5 minutes of opening the box, I was checking out my new lashes.  Here’s the process I follow:

  1. Start with a good eye primer to help the magnetic liner stay put, especially if you have oily skin like me.  I like the Milani Eyeshadow Primer
  2. Shake the HSBCC Magnetic Eyeliner for about 20 seconds to make sure the iron oxides in the eyeliner are well-mixed (that’s what makes the magnets stick).
  3. Apply the eyeliner, making sure it extends from the inner to outer corner of your eye and that it’s a thick enough line to give the lashes something to stick to.  Let it dry FULLY….I usually give it a cool blast with the hairdryer.  I put on a second coat and let it fully dry, as well.  Bottom line: make sure the eyeliner is dry before you place the lashes.
  4. Apply a coat or two of your favorite mascara to help your real lashes mix in.  I like Younique Moodstruck Epic 4D One-Step Fiber Mascara.
  5. Using the tweezers included in the kit, place the lashes on the eyeliner, as close to your lash line as possible.  I have tried it both ways and I have better luck starting at the inner corner and going out.  
  6. Once the lashes are placed, I recommend using the tweezers to tamp down the magnets and make sure they are secure.

And that’s it!

Reasons to Love:

  • At less than half the cost of a fill, this is an incredibly affordable way to get lush lashes.  Understanding that you will get about 10-20 uses out of each set of lashes, a subscription to this kit comes in at a fraction of the cost of extensions.
  • This HSBCC kit has three types of lashes that give you a different look, but none of them is Vegas Showgirl.  (I tried others that were laughable!)
  • As a busy working mom, I can’t commit to the bi-weekly lash extension upkeep anymore, but I can still get the same glamorous, put-together look in a few extra seconds.
  • This is the only option I’ve found that doesn’t damage your real lashes!
  • The eyeliner is definitely smudge-proof.
  • It might take a little practice to get, but these are incredibly easy to use…and as long as you put the eyeliner on correctly, they stay all day long.  Here’s a picture of my lashes at the end of a 14 hour day:
  • The lashes are very easy to remove at the end of the day.

Good to Know:

  • The lashes are awesome and beautiful…the eyeliner is less awesome.
  • The magnetic eyeliner has iron oxides in it…so, it kind of smells like blood.
  • You must wait for the eyeliner to dry fully and it takes a while.  I usually put it on before I blow dry my hair.  If you put the lashes on before it’s dry and try to reposition them, you’ll pull the eyeliner off.
  • When the eyeliner dries, there is a slight sheen to it.
  • The eyeliner does tend to build up on the little magnets over time.  I use my fingernail to make sure no eyeliner is left on the magnets when I take them off.
  • I have to be honest…as much as I love these lashes and the look, the eyeliner is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to take off.  I have started putting regular eyeliner on first and then layering the magnetic eyeliner.  That helps a little.  I’m also in the process of buying every oil-based makeup remover on the planet…if I find a good one, I’ll post an update.
  • On occasion, the magnets can be uncomfortable…that’s usually when I place them too close to the inner corner of my eye.  Luckily, these lashes can be repositioned.
  • One pair of lashes was a little too long (also uncomfortable).  I used scissors to trim them.  Problem solved!
  • I recommend tamping down the lashes midday to make sure they stay put.  Once in a while, I will look at the lashes at an angle and see a slight gap between the magnets.  I have never had them fall off or come loose, though.

The Verdict:

  • These lashes are a definite win. They are WAY easier, less messy, and the final look is better than strip lashes. You won’t wake up lash extension pretty with these, but you can get the look in less than 3 minutes (with some practice) and it lasts all day.
  • The jury is out on the eyeliner.  I have had good luck with having the lashes stick and stay put.  That said, the eyeliner takes a long time to fully dry and it will come off if you reposition your lashes.  The eyeliner is also very hard to take off. 

Bottom Line:

I think the best news in this experiment is that magnetic lashes clearly work.  I find that they stay better than the regular glue-attached strip lashes.  The lashes in this HSBCC kit are really attractive looking and stay all day, so I still recommend this kit as long as you are willing to work with the eyeliner.  I am going to try the Kiss Magnetic Eyeliner and see if it works better and is easier to remove, but this one is livable for now. 

Click to Purchase HSBCC Magnetic Eyeliner and Eyelashes Kit (3 Count or 5 Count)

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  1. I need to come over so you can give me a tutorial! I stink at this and the last time I tried to trim fake lashes, it was a freak show. Lol!

  2. Thanks so much for this! I was getting mine done, too, but there’s no way I’m going to be able to keep up with it. The person that does my lashes doesn’t live far away, but’s it’s still a two hour appointment. I will be ordering magnetic eyelashes! Here’s to bouncing back!

  3. I’ve been curious about lash extensions, but have stalled due to price. As I strolled through Target the other day, I saw a magnetic lash kit. I just had to try! Now I am obsessed! Unlike lash extensions where you wake up beautiful and ready to go, these do take a bit of time to apply. Honestly, I probably won’t wear these everyday, but they are ideal for date night or any special occasion. Thank you Suzie!

  4. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your website? My website is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from a lot of the information you present here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Cheers!

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